Frequently Asked Questions


Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)

What is 7303 (PTLLS)?

PTLLS is the acronym for the Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. It is a one unit award comprising five ‘sections’. All new teachers to the sector are required to complete it. The award has a credit value of 6 credits on the QCF. It forms the first unit/module of all 120 credit diploma qualifications and the 24 credit CTLLS programme; it can therefore be offered as an integrated unit/module or as a discrete award.

If taken as a stand-alone qualification, it can receive accreditation of prior learning (APL) within CTLLS, DTLLS, and the level 5 subject specialist diplomas for literacy, ESOL and numeracy (120 credits).

How much teaching practice is required?

Candidates are required to undertake a minimum of 30 minutes micro-teaching (delivery of a teaching session to peers in a learning setting) or teaching practice. This time falls into candidates’ non-contact hours within the programme. Full guidance is provided in the qualification handbook.

What is the observation requirement?

The minimum 30 minutes micro-teach / teaching practice delivery must be observed by the tutor/observer, who must give feedback and complete an observation report provided in the appendices of the qualification handbook. Observations should last for a minimum of 15 minutes for each session.

For micro-teaching observation, feedback must be given by the candidate’s peer group. There must be a minimum of three peer evaluations per candidate per micro-teaching session.

Is a teaching practice portfolio required?

Candidates are encouraged to compile a teaching practice portfolio during their programme of study. The portfolio should be a concise log of micro-teaching / teaching practice undertaken and should include a their log of 30 minutes micro-teaching / teaching practice and evidence relating to their learners/peers, session planning, delivery and evaluation. It will include observations of their teaching by the course team and their peers (for micro-teaching only) for at least 30 minutes of their teaching in total (minimum of 15 minutes each session). The teaching practice portfolio is not a mandatory requirement of the PTLLS Award, but is deemed good practice.

Is a reflective learning journal required?

Candidates should be encouraged to write a reflective learning journal from the commencement of the programme. They are permitted to use their own journal format during the course or use the pro forma provided in the appendices of the qualification handbook. Candidates must complete a journal entry after each assessment task (eg task1, task 2, task 3, etc) completed for the theory and practical assessments and/or each session attended throughout the PTLLS programme.

At what stage should a learner be registered with awarding body for PTLLS?

Candidates should be registered as near to their commencement of the programme as possible. Full details and guidance are contained in the qualification handbook.

When should a learner register with the IfL?

Candidates should register within six months of commencing the programme. Full details and guidance are available from the IfL.

What level of achievement can be claimed if some assessment tasks are achieved at level 3 and some at level 4?

All assessments would need to be achieved at level 4, if claiming for a level 4 award. ‘Level-less’ registration is available to centres under complex ‘-11’. It allows centres to claim for the appropriate level of achievement at the end of the qualification, therefore recognising candidate growth and development throughout the programme.

This FAQ is also applicable to the CTLLS qualification. Full guidance is contained in the qualification handbooks.

If candidates achieve PTLLS at level 3, can they progress to the DTLLS qualification?

Yes, candidates may progress to the diploma if they are required or aspire to undertake the full teaching role. They will need to ensure they have access to 150 hours of teaching practice, and may be required to do some top-up work to ensure they can meet the level 4 and 5 standards of the rest of the DTLLS qualification.

Candidates who achieve PTLLS at level 3 and who choose to continue their study at a university may be required to undertake a bridging assignment to meet some higher education institution (HEI) qualification level requirements. This will be determined by the HEI.

What are the minimum qualification and level requirements to enter the programme?

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, but candidates must be considering a subject for delivery and be aiming to achieve / or have achieved a qualification and experience for their subject/skill at the appropriate level.

Are candidates required to take PTLLS if they have already achieved the Certificate in Delivering Learning?

Candidates who have achieved the Certificate in Deliviering Learning do not need to undertake PTLLS. Full details are contained on the Tariff of Legacy Qualifications (TLQ) Database (www.lluk.org/svuk/tlq/index.html). The Certificate in Devivering Learning is deemed to meet requirements of the PTLLS Award. QTLS - FAQs 11