First Aid Training

First Aid & Emergency Training Courses

First aid is the assistance given immediatly after someone is injured or taken ill suddenly.  This is before the arrival of an ambulance or other appropriately qualified person.  

Any person offering help to a casualty must act calmly and with confidence and be willing to offer assistance whenever the need should arise.  

First aid is a skill based on communication, knowledge and experience, and a first aider is someone who has completed a theoretical and practical course and passed  a professionally supervised examination - Awarding Body Approved

Who is suitable to be a first aider? 

The First Aid Regulations 1981 (ACOP) revised 1997) Guidance 3 (2): 10 - 11 state that First aiders should be:

A Person that is:   

  • calm in an emergency 
  • able to cope with demands of the study course 
  • reliable 
  • free from any condition which may affect their ability to render First aid 
  • employed in a post which allows them to leave their work to render first aid in an emergency.

Responsibilities of a first aider are to:             

  • assess a situation quickly and safely
  • summon appropriate help
  • identify, as far as possible, the injury or the nature of the illness affecting the casualty
  • comunicate effectively with the casulty(ies) and any bystanders
  • give early, appropriate and adequate treatment in a sensible order of priority
  • arrange for the removal of the casualty to hospital, to the care of a doctor or home
  • remain with the casualty until handing him or her over to the care of an appropriate person
  • make and pass a report on, and give further help if required.

First Aid at Work (FAW) - Level 3 Award (3 day)

First Aid at Work Requalifier - Level 3 Award (2 day)

Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course - Level 2 Award (1 day)

First aid skills Update / annual refresher course - (half day)

AED - Defibrillator Course - (half day)

Paediatric First Aid Course - Level 2 Award (2 day)

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"First Aid At Work - Your Questions Answered" (HSE)