About the DTLLS

Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

DTLLS is the acronym for the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong learning Sector. It may be offered to pre-service and in-service candidates on a part-time or full-time basis and is awarded at level 5 upon completion. The diploma meets the qualification requirements for the full teaching role. It comprises level 4 (part one) and level 5 (part two) mandatory units and optional units. The total minimum credit value required of this qualification is 120 credits on the Qualification and Credit framework (QCF).

Learners may carry forward credits and receive accreditation of prior learning (APL) for the PTLLS unit or Award and the Planning and Enabling Learning unit within CTLLS if previously achieved. Optional unit credits completed as part of the CTLLS may not count towards the level 5 diploma qualifications

Teaching practice

Learners will be required to undertake a minimum of 150 hours teaching practice. This time falls into non-contact hours within the programme, and excludes micro-teaching or teaching practice completed as part of the PTLLS unit within CTLLS, or PTLLS Award. Practice completed for the theory assessment at either level 3 or level 4 for the Planning and enabling learning unit is also excluded. This teaching practice may be delivered across a range of cohorts.

Observation requirement

Learners will need to be observed for at least eight hours over a minimum of eight occasions within 150 teaching practice hours. Each observation must be for a minimum of 30 minutes and must take place in your place of work. Observations will be throughout the duration of the programme. It is recommended that most observations would be for a minimum of one hour.

Teaching observation excludes observed practice completed as part of the PTLLS unit within DTLLS, or PTLLS Award. The theory assessment in the Planning and enabling learning unit at level 3 or level 4, and mentor observations are also excluded.

Teaching practice portfolio

Learners will be required to keep one teaching practice portfolio across the full programme. The portfolio should be a concise log of teaching practice undertaken and should include a log of 150 hours teaching and evidence relating to the learners, session planning, delivery and evaluation. It will include at least eight observations of teaching by the course team.

Reflective learning journal

Learners will be required to write a reflective learning journal from the commencement of the programme, which will encompasses their own learning and teaching practice. It is expected that the journal provides the basis for meeting the required assessment outcomes. Only one reflective learning journal is required across the full programme.

Institute for Learning (IfL) registration.

It is recommended that registration with the IfL is completed as near to the commencement of the programme as possible. Full details and guidance are available from the IfL (website address on links).

Minimum qualification and level requirements to enter this award

Learners should be qualified to level 3 or be able to demonstrate level 3 skills in the subject in which intending to teach, have access to 150 teaching practice hours and possess reasonable levels of language, literacy, numeracy and ICT.